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Explore With Purpose is a Non-Profit Organization which creates, builds, and facilitates community and conservation projects in remote travel destinations. We are passionate about bridging the gap between luxury travel and community upliftment, and curate meaningful programs which are grounded in our pillars of health, conservation and education.

A meeting of minds, a life-changing visit to Tanzania, and a shared passion for human connection inspired the  establishment of Explore With Purpose in 2021.


Since then, we have carefully created programs which are beneficial to both the modern-day traveler and the local communities of the destinations in which we operate. Where travelers have the opportunity to authentically connect with different cultures through meaningful and intentional acts of service, the community benefits through upliftment initiatives which promote overall well-being.

We believe that small acts of kindness can create a lasting impact on the world around us. For us, it’s more than an idea, though. It is the fundamental basis of Explore With Purpose.

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School: Two Classrooms

School: Boy's Dormitory


School: Teacher’s Complex
School: Resources Fund
Wine to Water (ongoing)
Medical Supply Fund for local clinic


School: Fenced-in area & Garden
School: Water Latrine
School: Repair cafeteria 
School: Repair old dormitory 
School: Donation supply & stationary fund
School: Fencing of school
Cattle Dipping Stations
Kilimanjaro Tree Project
Wine to Water: Mairoa A
Wine to Water: Extend Ololosokwan Tap Stations


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