Employ and empower members of our local community.  Preserve and protect the indigenous wildlife and natural species of the region.  
Educate global travelers on the rich natural and cultural resources Tanzania has to offer.

Address: Plot 1 Ololosokwan Area, Ngorongoro District, Tanzania


The Maasai are among the best known of African tribes due to their adherence to their distinctive customs and dress. Unlike many Northern Serengeti Maasai tribes, the Ololosokwan tribe remains unaffected by large-scale tourism. They welcome the few visitors they do receive and are always enthusiastic about sharing their way of life and customs with others, providing a wonderful opportunity to experience Africa in a way that may touch visitor’s lives forever. Interactions for all ages can be arranged, including having your child herd sheep with the Maasai boys or learning how the Maasai build their homes with dung from the cattle they raise.