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Wine to Water is an incredible organization that not only helps to build water filters and infrastructure to solve the water crisis, but also empowers and educates local communities on the importance of clean water to ensure the projects are used, serviced and maintained properly for many generations to come. Wine to Water has an on the ground team in Arusha that is committed to doing regular check ups on water projects such as those in the villages surrounding TAASA. The Wine to Water Arusha team is headed by local Tanzanians who work closely with leaders in each of the communities we choose to support. As best said in their mission statement:

Our Mission is rooted in our values. We believe the world is made better by people coming together and caring for the needs of others. Water is essential not just to survive, but to thrive - and that is why we are committed to supporting life and dignity for all through the power of clean water. 

Both Wine to Water and TAASA are rooted in family, empowerment and education as means to provide the best life possible for all. 




Mairoa A is a small Maasai Village located in Northern Tanzania near the Kenyan border. To access their daily water, women and children from the village have to walk nearly 4 km one way to the neighboring village of Ololosokwan. In recent months, three people from Mairoa A have died on the journey from encounters with wild animals alone. Wine to Water x TAASA is launching The Clean Water Project to provide safe and accessible water to Mairoa A.

The goal is to create a community water system using a local spring with a series of tap stands that are protected from wildlife. Local leaders, women, and community ambassadors will be a part of the Water Use Committee to guide project design, location and community investment to best lead clean water education. 

When you visit TAASA, you will also get the chance to do hands-on work with the clean water project and visit the village. 




Tanzania now offers Wine to Water's second ceramic filter factory, where their team hand-makes and distributes clean water filters. The filters are created from a mixture of clay, sawdust, nano silver and water. This results in a porous pot with a layer of activated charcoal to latch to micro-organisms, and silver to scramble bacterial DNA, prohibiting reproduction. Every time these filters are distributed the Wine to Water team teaches the local family or organization how to clean and maintain them for years to come. With proper maintenance, a single filter can provide a family of up to seven people with clean water for five years. Sponsoring a filter means not only creating a platform to teach communities about sanitation and hygiene, but an active way to lay the foundation of behavior change for healthier future. 

When you inquire about visiting TAASA, also ask about spending a day at the Factory in Arusha and sponsoring a filter. 

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